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[edit] Firefox / Mozilla / SeaMonkey / Flock / Netscape

The following screenshots were all taken from Firefox, but will be virtually the same for all supported browsers.

[edit] Context-Sensitive Menu Item


[edit] Navigation Toolbar Icon


[edit] Basic Options Window

Recommended mode for beginners

[edit] Advanced Options Dialogs

Following are screenshots of the Advanced Options available in the Firefox/Mozilla/SeaMonkey/Flock/Netscape edition of PasswordMaker - but you are encouraged to first learn the basics of how PasswordMaker works by following the instructions on the Getting Started page, before moving on to the more advanced features.

[edit] Accounts Tab

Accounts Tab - allows you to select which account you want to work with (if you haven't created any yet, the only one showing will be 'Defaults'

[edit] Global Settings Tab

Global Settings Tab - allows you to view/modify the Global Settings for PasswordMaker

[edit] Download Tab

Upload/Download Tab - here you can define remote FTP / WebDAV locations for backing up your Settings (RDF) file

[edit] Special Domains Tab

Special Domains Tab

[edit] Account Settings Dialogs

[edit] General Tab

General Tab

[edit] URLs Tab

URLs Tab

[edit] Extended Tab

Extended Tab

[edit] Advanced Auto-Populate Tab

Advanced Auto-Populate Tab

[edit] Account Selection Dialog

This dialog will appear when the auto-populate function is triggered (either via the coolkey, pressing ALT-`, or if the auto-populate option is enabled for an account and the defined URL is detected:


[edit] Opera Widget

[edit] Desktop




[edit] Javascript

[edit] Yahoo! Widget

  • Main Window


  • Preferences


[edit] Command-line

[edit] PHP / Mobile

[edit] Mac OS/X Dashboard Widget


[edit] On-line

No information Available

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