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The PHP / Mobile edition of PasswordMaker was the first command line version of PasswordMaker. Soon after, a mobile edition was released with the base code of the PHP edition used to allow people to use PasswordMaker on their mobile phones. As of version 1.4, the two editions are now released as one. Instructions for using them are the same, but there's an extra file to use

PHP Edition

PasswordMaker for PHP can be run from the command-line (php cli) or used on a webserver (php cgi). To run from the command-line, enter php passwordmaker.php arg=value... (for CLI version) or php -q passwdmaker.php arg=value... (for CGI version).

Only need passwordmaker.php and passwordmaker_class.php to run

Many thanks to Pedro Gimeno Fortea and Miquel Burns.

Mobile Edition

Download the Mobile Edition to use on your own web server. Simply expand the zip archive in your web server's document root, then navigate to it from your mobile device. Since the page submits raw PasswordMaker settings over HTTP and the password is sent back in plain text to your phone, we highly recommend securing the page with HTTPS. Alternatively, you can always use it online right here at (no longer SSL).

Only need mobile.xhtml, mobile-submit.php and passwordmaker_class.php to run



Version 1.5

Fixed HMAC-SHA-256 issue described here

Version 1.4.1

  • Defaults on Mobile side matches Firefox extension (command line already matched)

Version 1.4

  • Able to run without mHash. Will use mHash if it's there. (Not used with the buggy HMAC-SHA256 however.)
  • Combined Mobile Edition for releases
  • Fixed bug with arbitrary length passwords.
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