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The following screenshots were all taken from Firefox, but will be virtually the same for all supported browsers.

  • Context-Sensitive Menu Item


  • Navigation Toolbar Icon


  • Basic Options Window
Recommended mode for beginners

  • Advanced Options Dialogs

Following are screenshots of the Advanced Options available in the Firefox / Gecko edition of PasswordMaker, but you are strongly encouraged to learn the basics of how PasswordMaker works before moving on to working with the extra capabilities that come with the use of Custom Accounts/Advanced Options by following the instructions in the Getting Started

Accounts Tab - allows you to select which account you want to work with (if you haven't created any yet, the only one showing will be 'Defaults'
Global Settings Tab - allows you to view/modify the Global Settings for PasswordMaker
Upload/Download Tab - here you can define remote FTP / WebDAV locations for backing up your Settings (RDF) file
Special Domains Tab

  • Account Settings Dialogs
General Tab
URLs Tab
Extended Tab
Advanced Auto-Populate Tab
  • Multiple Accounts for Same URL Dialog


Yahoo! Widget

  • Main Window


  • Preferences


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