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These editions of PasswordMaker are made with PHP.

PHP Edition

PasswordMaker for PHP can be run from the command-line (php cli) or used on a webserver (php cgi). To run from the command-line, enter php passwdmaker.php arg=value... (for CLI version) or php -q passwdmaker.php arg=value... (for CGI version).

Many thanks to Pedro Gimeno Fortea and Miquel Burns.

Currently in PasswordMaker Source Control (Subversion), there's a version that is written to allow this edition to run on servers without mHash since many hosting companies do not offer this library.

Mobile Edition

This edition was made as a way to allow mobile phone users to be able to use PasswordMaker. Currently it is set up to post the parameters to the server and return a password. It is also implemented with PHP.



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