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The Javascript Edition can be used on your local drive or on your own web server. It is an entirely self-contained html file with no links to any other file or image.

Simply download version 2.5 and expand the archive and open passwordmaker-javascript-x.x.html in a browser.

Alternatively, you can always use it online right here on


  • Is it still possible to download the archive with the full online version? The one that this page says you can download from here. I'd really prefer to have the one that can save profiles but I don't find it available for download.
The 2.5 version listed above is the downloaded version with the profiles actually. The pages should be considered out of date (besides the on-line edition being maintained, as we're not sure how to integrate it into the Wiki just yet. --Miquel Fire 22:11, 14 February 2008 (EST)
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