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This is how the PasswordMaker XML should be formatted.



The only attribute for this tag that can exists is encrypted. If this is not set, or is set to 0 or false (Note: lower case), then the XML file is not encrypted at all (some fields may be encrypted anyway).

If it's set to 1, true, or anything else, then the contents of the tag is encrypted data stored as base64. AES 256 is used for encryption. If the encrypted attribute is 1 or true, then the key for the data is a SHA256 hash of the password, and any other value is itself the key to a HMAC-SHA256 hash of the password.

Currently, the following are allowed child tags:

  • <accounts>
  • <settings>

The following will be allowed when an edition supports them (and for now, is undocumented):

  • <remotes>
  • <domains>






ref: <setting>

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