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This edition was made with Trolltech's QT. It was created by Miquel Fire. Due to QT's license for open source products, this edition uses GPL instead of the LGPL that the other editions use.


PasswordMaker Desktop Edition can be installed in one of the following ways:

Soon you will be able to extract a zip file to a directory of your choice, and run PasswordMaker Desktop Edition from that directory, without having it touch anything outside of it (besides when it imports or export it's settings). This mode will be usable for running off a USB drive.


In order to compile this edition of PasswordMaker, you will need:

  • QT 4.2+ (docs in source says 4.1, but some 4.2 functions were used for importing and exporting by mistake)
  • Either mHash or QSA 1.2.1+. Using mHash disable the use of HMAC-SHA-256 Version 1.5.2 due to the nature of the bug with this version, but is faster. On Windows, you'll notice that there are precompiled libraries for mHash to use.

For now, just read the build.txt that comes with the source to compile this edition.


Once installed, you just launch the program. When you need to get a password for a site, just:

  • copy and paste the URL into the Input URL field, and
  • enter you master password.

Please note, currently as of version 0.1, there is no method to save the master password, nor is there a way to have a confirmation for it, as there is in the much more advanced [Firefox_/_Gecko_based_browsers Firefox /Gecko based browser] version. You should have the generated password ready for use now.

Changing Default Settings

You can change the parameters use to generate passwords by click on the Edit Defaults button.

URLs tab

Here you can choose which parts of the Input URL PasswordMaker can use.

Extended tab

The parameters in this tab control how PasswordMaker generates it's password.

  • The Username field may be used to fill in a username in other editions. You can use this to keep compatible with other editions, and (when multiple account support is added) use it to remind yourself of the username you used on a site.
  • The Use l33t and l33t Level fields control how PasswordMaker uses l33t routines when creating passwords. Please note using after generation can introduce characters you may not want into your generated password. Using it before generation also causes the master password to be case insensitive.
  • The Hash Algorithm field tells PasswordMaker which hash algorithm to use. Please note, using an mHash built version will not have the HMAC-SHA-256 Version 1.5.2 algorithm on the list because it's currently not supported that way, and may never be.
  • The Password Length field tells PasswordMaker how long to make the password.
  • The Characters field tells PasswordMaker what characters it should use to make the generated password. You may need to edit this a bit to get it working correctly.
  • The Modifier field is just another bit of text you can use to change the generated password. Mainly used for sites that require you to change your password once in a while.
  • The Password Prefix and Password Suffix fields allows you to have parts of the password have set characters.

Importing and Exporting

This edition of PasswordMaker is the first to use a new XML format for importing and exporting.

It also uses this format internally for keeping it's settings.

It should be noted that it's export method is non-destructive in that it will read the file first, and only update the data it uses.


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